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Take the stage everywhere you go!

Welcome to ENCORE!

A social platform for live streaming, pay per view, on-demand video, and live shows and events
We provide you with a virtual venue so you can put on your own online production, such as a music showcase, a film premiere, or a listening or watch party – it’s your choice!
You can sell tickets for your show or your premiere to new and existing fans in countries across the world. After the show, stay connected to those fans, other artists, and creatives.
As a member of ENCORE, you’re also able to set up your own shop as a site vendor so you can sell your goods and services in the marketplace.
Want to promote your shows, film, and merch? No problem. Encore allows you to buy ad campaigns so you can market your brand and make money all in one place.

Are you an independent music artist or filmmaker?

Imagine touring the whole world without ever leaving the comforts of your home. Or premiering your film to hundreds of hungry fans all across the globe.
Well, now you can finally stop fantasizing and start turning your dreams into a reality.

ENCORE: Network of Creation