Oh you thought this was just another social media app? Introducing ENCORE University, turning it into something so much more than that and adding value to you, a member of ENCORE. An all encompassing education system to help further the quality of you and your talents, and extend resources to you that may not be all that easy to access in other places. This curriculum is a do at your own pace feature, which not only helps you to improve, but will reward you for taking the time to invest in yourself. By investing in yourself, you invest in ENCORE and in the rest of the world, making yourself an even more incredible asset to humanity.

Find courses in the digital syllabus for all kinds of skills and talents you either already possess or are interested in learning. Be rewarded with points and digital achievements, as well as, adding special certifications to your ENCORE resumé. Use these certifications on the app to participate in more professional and rewarding gigs and contracts, and take them out into the world as legitimate certifications for other opportunities! You can find courses for theater and film, photography and lighting, video and project management, music and instruments, art and design, graphic design and digital branding, and so much more.

We partner with many private and local instructors and education professionals for all of the many different courses. Join digital webinars, or use the geolocation feature to find ENCORE certified instructors near you for a more personal experience. Keep track of your progress and always have access to the knowledge base you build for yourself during your journey.

If you are an education professional and want to reserve your spot as an ENCORE instructor, click here to RSVP!

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